Notebook Show #2: Redlight Redlight (The Orange Edition)

Ariel Hall, In the bag, 2016

Bradford Smith, Suggestion, 2015

Erin Sweeny, Me levantaré, 2015

Felipe León, Caracol/Snail, 2016

Grayson Cox w/Hollis Witherspoon, Cultural Capital, 2012

Hayley Martell, Steady Can, 2016

Hollis Witherspoon

Untitled Anthropology Project PHIL, 2016

Untitled Anthropology Project ALISON, 2016

Untitled Anthropology Project JOAN, 2016

Untitled Anthropology Project DANIELA, 2016

Honey McMoney

Fukushima Keeps Me Shopping, 2014

Concession Speech, 2014

House of Ladosha, House of Ladosha: A Family Thing, 2016

Kerry Cox, Vanessa Vargas, + Salma Abdel Salam, Contigo, 2016

Kerry Cox w/music by JT Almon, Selva, 2015

Lotte Marie Allen, Dream Machines, 2014-15

Narin Shech 

Stairs/Stares, 2016

Piece II, close your legs, dear, 2016

Nick Rymer, Mr.Plow, 2016

Samuel Scharf, Kill or be Killed, 2012

Vanessa Vargas + Ana Elena Brito, Requiem, 2015